Captain America

Steven Grant Rogers

World War II is over and they told me that we won but look at everything I lost. My name is Steven Rogers.
[JUST THAWED Steven Rogers. Everyday I have had him counts for how long he has been out of the ice. NSFW. STONY shipper. I will play several other ships and I'm willing to AU relationships with other Tonys but my main-verse Tony is forlackofabetteroption. I don't do opening 'this person followed you' posts but I do answer them. I do openers that are accessible to everyone.]
[Steve is Pre-Avengers]

ooc: I feel the need to say this.

I have found hate on my dash yet again. This time the topic at hand is the sexuality of characters people want to role-play. Yes, it might not be realistic to you but again, this is a place of expression. If you do not like that someone plays their character gay? 

Take the character on and play them straight, bi-sexual, you can play them as a-sexual. There is no limit to what you can do.

What you shouldn’t do is send them hate for their choice of shipping.Maybe it’s a coping mechanism for some people to explore who they are themselves? You never know and it’s not your right to tell them off for expressing themselves.

If you do not like that they play their character that way, you can request another player to play with you straight. If they say no, there are going to be others you can ask. You do not need to send hate.

Regardless of how you feel about the demographic of tumblr roleplayers…and there have been some major complaints I have noticed…you have no right to send hate. 

Be kind, be considerate and understand other people’s feelings. Maybe they have a hard time shipping straight couples because they can’t find the dynamic themselves emotionally. Maybe they can. Anyways, it’s not your right to tell someone what they can and cannot ship.

Please don’t treat others badly over what they choose to ship. Please apply some common courtesy. Thank you.