Captain America

Steven Grant Rogers

World War II is over and they told me that we won but look at everything I lost. My name is Steven Rogers.
[JUST THAWED Steven Rogers. Everyday I have had him counts for how long he has been out of the ice. NSFW. STONY shipper. I will play several other ships and I'm willing to AU relationships with other Tonys but my main-verse Tony is forlackofabetteroption. I don't do opening 'this person followed you' posts but I do answer them. I do openers that are accessible to everyone.]
[Steve is Pre-Avengers]

Hero of War—Rise Against
A hero of warYeah that’s what I’ll beAnd when I come homeThey’ll be damn proud of meI’ll carry this flagTo the grave if I mustBecause it’s a flag that I loveAnd a flag that I trust
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Goodbye Magaret Peggy Carter. [Drabble]

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